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Detatchable Alloy Pivot Booms

Folding SS Booms (Fixed)

Solid Stay SS Boom (Fixed)

Ocean Torque Boat Stabilisers

Ocean Torque Stabilizers come in 5 different sizes to suit the size of your boat. The stabilizers are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and Marine grade alloy. Each stabilizer comes with a suspension line made with double braided nylon cord, stainless steel thimbles, shackles and shock spring.

The lazy line is a length of small gauge braided cord swaged to a meter of stainless steel chain attached to a second body weight with a swivelling snap shackle. the lazy line attaches to the bottom of the stabilizer, and doubles as a safety line, and an easy means of retrieval.

 Boat Stabilser Sizes

All prices are for complete sets

Stabiliser Prices

Size 2 $2,400
Size 3 $3,000
Size 4 $3,900
Size 5 $5,200
Alloy Booms
 1.800 mts  $800
 2.500 mts  $950
 3.000 mts  $1200
 Stainless Steel Booms  Custom made