Ocean Torque Boat Stabilisers work particularly well on Sail Boats.

Cruising Yachtsmen will find this product an essential addition to their list of equipment.Sail Boat Stabilisers Yacht owners need only purchase a stabilizer package that suits their boat, simply swing your main boom out at right angles to your boats keel and tie off forward and aft, then do the same with your spinnaker pole on the opposite side of the boat. Simply attach your Stabilizers to the end of each boom.

Boat Stabilisers for Sail BoatsI thought you might be interested in a video on just how well they work on my boat, when I made my enquiry you said I would loose 80% of the roll and my wife and I thought well that would be something, so we purchased a set thinking 50% would be enough to make it worth while, as you can see on the video its 90% or more!!, its just amazing when your on board doing death roll and then nothing at all, in the time it takes to throw the stabilisers in the water, I’m sure you will be getting some calls from friends of mine that have a similar problem with their boats, thanks again for your help with the set up of the booms, works great.

David Jones Hervey Bay QLD

Boat Stabilisers for Sail Boats

Just a few lines to express my delight in your stabilizer system Its now been close on two years of trouble free use. Very impressive. As you know, I live aboard and the difference your stabilizers makes to the behaviour of my boat “40′ spray” on anchor is in a word, exceptional! I assumed when I first saw your stabilizer system that it would make a difference to the roll of my boat, but I must say that the difference is much more than I would have expected. As a Ship Wright for 30 years and a cruising yachtsman for the last 15 years, I’d like to recommend your stabilizing system to anyone with a boat, motor or sail. Well done .

Rob Bettini

Boat Stabiliser Storage

Snapshot shows the all important stowing ability of this product, essential for sail boat owners. Booms not required for sail boats.

Boat Stabiliser Parts

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