Ocean Torque Static Boat Stabilisers At Anchor Or Adrift

ALL HAND MADE IN AUSTRALIA PATENT No.5144904 Design regsitered No.129850

Boat Stabilisers Australia

Boat Stabilisers Australia.

Boat Stabilisers Australia by ocean torque are made from the highest quality materials and have been proven to significantly reduce the roll of all mono hull vessels they have been fitted to since 1996.

Any faults that occurred in the early days were re-engineered to end up with a device that if used correctly is indestructible and should last a life time.

We provide a 10 year warranty on all parts excluding the ANODE on all of our boat stabilisers.

For many years professional fisherman have enjoyed the benefits of having boat stabilisers on their boats, now this technology can be yours 5 different sizes to suit all mono boats 20′ – 80′.

Our Stabilisers By Ocean torque will stop the roll.

These boat stabilisers provide a unique way to stop boat roll at anchor or adrift that works extremely well, It works by altering the roll of the vessel and the boats own momentum counter acts the roll 70 – 90 % reduction depending on the boat and the package.

The easier your boat rolls the easier it is to stop, we are so sure of our product that we offer you six months to make up your mind.

if your not completely satisfied with our boat stabilisers just return them at our expense and receive a full refund plus set up costs no questions asked.

Boat Stabilisers