True & Unaltered Testimonials.

ALL HAND MADE IN AUSTRALIA PATENT No.5144904 Design regsitered No.129850

“We love the units they have been great with no repairs needed so far. We mounted the boom so it would be visually lost against the boat and where we had easier mounting for the top
support line.

The baskets are stored in a front locker when we are in port, then when at sea they just get reattached to the base and sit in the holders until we throw them overboard.”

Reg Boer – Bundaburg QLD.

Eastern Seaboard Marine Services

“Ease of operation The gear is neither difficult to handle nor excessively heavy. At one stage the ladies aboard set the gear up without difficulty.


Unquestionably, once the gear goes over the side it starts working immediately. The difference in roll period is substantially altered and the overall conditions aboard improve measurably.


This is an automatic bonus of the system. As the vessel is quickly quietened down by the stabilizers influence, crew become less concerned with staying upright and are more relaxed which permits them to concentrate on their respective duties. Also during night anchor watches it is much easier to carry out an effective watch without having to continually hang on from being rolled about!

Further, without hesitation I would recommend any prospective purchaser of stabilizer equipment to seriously consider your system prior to committing to any other device Please do not hesitate to refer any interested party to me for a first hand discussion.

“Many thanks for your assistance, advice and help during the setting up period. It was greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing your future developments in this area and wish you well for the future“.

Peter C Lambert
Master Mariner
Reg’d Marine Surveyor

3 meter booms and No 4 stabiliser

Infinity Norwood

Since fitting Ocean Torque Stabilizers at the beginning of last season we have been able to anchor in less sheltered anchorages, or off nice towns and villages that are plagued by fast ferries or less considerate boaters. As captain/engineer having no hydraulic or mechanical parts to go wrong on the stabilizer is one less thing to worry about, they make no noise and we don’t need to run a second generator like we would using Zero speed system.

They are easy to deploy and recover. We have found that having the stabilizers in the water on a choppy anchorage makes launching our 6 meter tender from the Fly bridge a much safer operation. I would recommend Ocean Torque Stabilizers they have made our boating experience so much more enjoyable for the owners and crew.

Thanks for all your help and advice.

Alex Cory
Moonen 94

158 Ton
3 meter booms No 5 stabiliser – (Carbon Telescopic Spinika Pole)

”We have just returned from five months of fishing charters, mostly at the outer Barrier Reef. We used the stabilizers extensively throughout the season without any failures.

We often stayed anchored in conditions that would have normally sent us looking for cover. We did some mother-ship work and the stabilisers drew a lot of interest, I suspect a number of them will be in touch with you“.

Ron Jennings – South Pacific Deep Sea Charters
85′ Norman Wright
Brisbane, QLD
4.5 meter booms No 5 stabiliser


I am pleased to say since the stabilizers were fitted 18 months ago, spending time on our boat has become much more comfortable. 

We recently spent some time in Sydney Harbour where we used them day and night. The constant wash from ferries and other craft would have made living aboard quite uncomfortable.

I would estimate the system eliminates an average 70% of our roll and we’re all very happy about that. I will sum up by saying well done, a quality product that works and is easy to use and maintain.

John Maloney
80′ Steel
Freemantle, WA
3 meter booms No 5 stabiliser

In response to your request for an endorsement for your stabilisers I thought you might be interested in a video on just how well they work on my boat, when I made my enquiry you said

I would loose 80% of the roll and my wife and I thought well that would be something, so we purchased a set thinking 50% would be enough to make it worth while, as you can see on the video its 90% or more!!, its just amazing when your on board doing death roll and then nothing at all, in the time it takes to throw the stabalisers in the water, I’m sure you will be getting some calls from friends of mine that have a similar problem with their boats, thanks again for your help with the set up of the booms, works great.

David Jones
Hervey Bay QLD
3 meter booms No 4 stabiliser


Enclosed are some photos of my 47E Riviera with your No.5 stabilisers and the folding SS booms, I’m so impressed with this whole package, as you can see in the photos the booms look flash while in use, as well as folded upright, note how well they blend in with the troll poles, also the larger stabilisers have taken an estimated 90% or more off the roll in all conditions. All conditions so far.

It makes such a difference to our weekends at Moreton Island, gone are the times we had to go home early due to poor sea conditions, boat roll for me is now a thing of the past, just couldnt imagine having a boat without stabilisers, Ill stay in touch.

Nick Valeaf
2.8 meter booms No 5 stabiliser

“The stabilizers work exceptionally well reducing the roll by at least 75% there is also a softening effect at the completion of the roll. We experience continuous roll in the Med, not always due to weather but to do with traffic, even at night there is a constant procession of large vessels passing to the south causing swells, the most noticeable of these is the Corsican fast ferry that will create a wash nearly a meter high, most anchorages here are exposed to the south.

“Overall an exceptional well engineered successful product that I have no problem in recommending”.

Paul Ray
3 meter booms and No 4 stabiliser

” Our boat is a 10 Mtr purpose built aluminium sports fisherman which is used for drift fishing and social use”

We were looking to increase the comfort level of both drift fishing and socializing on a mooring. Having purchased a stabilizing system, sight unseen from Ocean Torque, we were most impressed.

The system has increased the comfort factor to the point that we use our boat a lot more and fish in weather that would normally have us back in the pen. A fantastic idea that far exceeded our expectations“.

Frank & Del Paton
Freemantle, WA
2.8 meter booms No 3 stabiliser

“.. I must tell you, our trips to the Barrier Reef will never be the same. The Blackwatch is so stable on anchor now, our wives are coming along too. We all think they’re great. “

Rod Collins
34″ Glass
Mission Beach, QLD
2.5 meter booms No 3 stabiliser

”Gentlemen they are fantastic! Everything that I could have hoped for….I recommend Ocean Torque Stabilizers to anyone who wants to ensure that their new boat is as safe and comfortable as it should be. If you should ever wish to put an interested party in touch with a satisfied customer feel free to give them my number…


Randy McCoy
44′ Glass
Mission Beach, QLD
3 meter booms No 4 stabiliser

Typical of this type of boat when at anchor she rolls like a pig. I fitted my stabilizers 12 months ago and the difference they made is amazing.

I can drift while fishing and also stay at anchor and be very comfortable. Prior to the stabilizers this was not possible. We now get much more time on the water”.

Colin Floate
Drumorna, VIC
44′ Glass
3 meter booms No 4 stabiliser

“Just arrived back from our second East Coast cruise. No sign of any problems with the stabilizers. We used
the stabilizers extensively on both trips and I’m happy to report no problems and my wife loves them! “.

Pat Patterson
68′ Defever Glass
Gold Coast, QLD
3 meter booms No 5 stabiliser

” Yes they really do work. Our trip up to Townsville without stabilizers was at times a nightmare. As you know we fitted a set in Townsville and our return trip was very different. My wife would not have joined me for the return trip without them, She is most impressed and so am I “.

Greg Freeman
46′ Bayliner Glass
Gold Coast, QLD
3 meter booms No 4 stabiliser

” I cant tell you how satisfied we are. The wife insists our stabilizers are set wherever we anchor. Wouldn’t be without them”.

John Dunn
70′ Alloy
Sydney, NSW
3 meter booms No 5 stabiliser

Just a few lines to let you know how happy I was with the performance of the the larger size flopper stoppers you recomended for my boat,I have just returned from New Caledonia where the anchorages are open. we deployed the stabilisers every night and never once encountered any discomfort. I would not go anywhere without them, many thanks once again.

David Beer
Brisbane, QLD
4 meter booms No 4 stabiliser

“Just arrived from a cruise around Balears, Spain and south France everything was perfect including your stabilisers, I will send photos of my boat Blue light at anchor with your stabilisers deployed. Thanks Again…”

Alberto Mosso
3 meter booms No 4 stabiliser